Interest-free loan: how does that work?

If you are looking for a cheap loan, you will soon see that there are various types of lending on the market: mortgage loans, car loans, ongoing loans, personal loans … All these forms of borrowing have their own conditions and therefore also their own pros and cons. Which way of borrowing is the most suitable for you, depends on various factors, such as your living situation , the question whether or not you have access to fixed income and of course the purpose and the period for which you need the loan. have. If this period is limited to a few weeks or even days, the interest-free mini-loan is now a popular form of borrowing.

Interest-free mini-loans are often concluded by students. No interest costs are charged for this form of borrowing, but this does not mean that the interest-free mini loan is always the cheapest way of borrowing! You do have to pay administrative costs, although these are usually not as high. Although? On a loan of 100 euros you will soon pay 20 euro file costs, or an extra cost item of no less than 20%! You have to ask yourself whether you are not cheaper with a different form of borrowing, such as a revolving credit.

How do you apply for an interest-free mini-loan?

Closing an interest-free mini-loan is often done simply from behind your computer. So you do not have to go around the table with a lender, but simply apply for the money online . If your application is approved, you will receive the money on your account in the short term. “In the short term” is really short: think a few minutes later. You also do not have to account for the purpose of your loan, ie what you need the money for.

Listing blacklist?

Many people wonder whether they can qualify for an interest-free loan despite a listing on the blacklist . The good news: an entry on the black list is no objection, in fact: the lender does not even check if you are on the blacklist! This also explains immediately why the processing time for an application can be so short.

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