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Joan Tollifson on Achieving What's Already Here

Joan Tollifson chats with Richard Miller on his continuing series of online video interviews, Never Not Here. Joan Tollifson's Web site is The Simplicity of What Is.


Some of Joan Tollifson's writings appear on the Dewdrops page and her books are listed on the Books page.

Bob Adamson on Form and Emptiness and
This Thing Called I

Sailor Bob points to the equivalence of form and emptiness. Bob Adamson's Web site is HERE.



Scott Kiloby on The Basics

Scott is an unassuming individual who speaks simply and clearly about the time-bound, thought-based self then, with a swoosh, pushes back the curtain revealing Awareness. Check out his Web site, Reflections of the One Life.


Jeff Foster Interview on Conscious.tv


Read Jeff Foster's article, "Nonduality: Expressing the Inexpressible" among the Lotus and Rose Dewdrops.

The Last Rose of Summer

It's said that toward the end of his life, the Buddha gathered his close disciples in a circle around him as he often did. He picked a lotus flower from a pond close by and simply held it up before them without saying a word.

One of the disciples simply smiled and laughed.

The Buddha entrusted his teaching to that disciple.

In this case, a rose fulfills the same function.

The photos of the rose in this video are of the same rose, from bud to fallen petals.


Click on the image above to watch The Last Rose of Summer from bud to fallen petals.

Swedish Waterscapes

Swedish Waterscapes

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Sit quietly and observe the teachings of water, rock, sun, and sky.

Shaker Settlements - Northeastern USA

Shaker Settlements in the Northeastern USA

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To start the slideshow, click on the first thumbnail to open the photo, then click the slideshow arrow symbol at the right of the title bar to start the slideshow.

The photos in this album were taken at various times over the past 40 years by the Lotus and Rose Webmaster.

Shaker history is a fascinating story of a determined group of people who gradually faded from the scene but left remarkable and simple beauty in their wake.

Films on DVD

For the Bible Tells Me So
Film Documentary
Format DVD Released 2008
Producer: First Run Features


This film, now available on DVD, tells the highly dramatic true stories of five Christian individuals who happen to be gay and the impact of their decisions to be open and honest with themselves and their families, and also with their extended families, their churches.

These stories include: Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop ordained in the Episcopal Church, Chrissy Gephardt, daughter of the former House Majority Leader, Richard Gephardt, Jake Reitan, a young Minnesota Lutheran and his family, Brenda Poteat, a young southern woman and her family, and Mary Lou Wallner who, as a worried Christian mother, followed the advice of a supposed Christian family counselor to reject her Lesbian daughter, and found her dead. These stories are all told with a depth of human interest that touches the heart and soul of the oppression of gay people and leaves one wondering.

The film also presents thought-provoking insights into the few biblical passages that are interpreted by some as condemnation of homosexual activity. Various theological points of view are presented, including insights by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Rabbi Brian Mayer, Reverend Dr. Laurence Keene, Reverend Irene Monroe, and Reverend Peter Gomes.

The most compelling aspect of the film is the touching, warm support provided by the love of the individuals involved in these families as they face, in many cases, very unloving and often hateful people who claim to represent the God who has been described as Love. It appears that the Christian world has a long path yet to tread to discover what love truly means.
This is an eye-opening, award-winning film that deserves a wide showing, now available on DVD.

For the Bible Tells Me So is currently only available in the NTSC format.

Amongst White Clouds
Film on DVD
Director: Edward A. Burger


Based of the experiences described by Bill Porter in Road to Heaven, described above, Edward Burger, an American, went to China and spent a year learning the language. He then went in search of the mountain recluses, and became a student of Ch'an Master Guang Kuan, one of the mountain hermits, in the Zhongnon Mountains. This is a rare visit to this remote area and the fascinating stories told by five monks and a nun living Amongst White Clouds.

This film has been selected for showing at seven film festivals and is associated with the International Buddhist Film Festival.

Trembling Before G-d
Film Documentary
Format: Streaming or DVD


This documentary movingly portrays the struggle Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic gay men and Lesbians face in order to continue to practice their faith while, at the same time, being true to themselves, honest with God and their loved ones.

The central issues confronted in this film are not unique to traditional Judaism. Consider, for example, the storm of protest generated by the consecration of an openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church. Most conservative or traditional religious traditions marginalize gay and Lesbian members to some degree, urging everything from electro-convulsive therapy to eating certain herbs and foods, and always stressing self-denial and the charade and heartache of pretending to be straight.

Some find a balance that's acceptable to them and continue to honor and practice their faith. Others, expelled from their families and congregations and shunned by friends, give up altogether. This film tells the story of several men and women caught in this spiritual dilemma.

Note: the DVD version consists of 2 discs and includes a considerable amount of additional material not contained on the VHS version.

A synopsis of the film is available by clicking here.